Meet T.F.D.
Do you remember hip hop? Not rap, hip hop. The days of writing and recording your music on a tape player? The days of inspirational music? The days when hip hop was an art Days that were all to familiar for a Richmond born emcee Tru Nyce at the beginning of the Millenium!
Armed with nothing but a pen, pad, and tape record Dale Travers later known as Tru Nyce; began his journey as an up and coming emcee. Tru Nyce began his journey in the home of a close friend, Keishawn Batts, where they spent their summers taking in the inspirations of proclaimed albums such as Jay-z's "Blueprint" and mixtapes from Lil Wayne. Feeding off one another's energy the duo would spend hours, just downloading instrumentals, thinking of concepts, writing verses, writing hooks. It was a process.
Tru Nyce's first recorded song was actually a cover over " Hola hovito" by Jay-z. After the song was recorded, it was quickly deleted. See, the true form of hip hop is knowing when you need to up the ante and improve your skills. At this young age, Tru Nyce, was great with hooks. However, lyrical content seemed to be lacking. This pushed Tru Nyce into what we know today as "killer" on the mic.
What some people may not realize is that Tru Nyce first mixtape was actually on a "tape". Tru Nyce completed his rendition of "Blueprint" on the front and back of a tape cassette in a tape recorder. Can you believe that? This was a stepping stone for Tru Nyce as he would often review the tape and see where he could improve his craft
Tru Nyce then became a student of Hip Hop. Listening to every hip hop album he could. Taking notes from everyone at the time. T.i.,Jay-Z, Ludacris, Lil Wayne, and even the likes of 3:6 mafia were very influential during this time. Tru Nyce quickly learned how to craft a song. Not just a freestyle, not just a hook, but a full fledged song.
Mixtape after mixtape, freestyle after freestyle, Tru Nyce began to hone in on his craft. The craft of being an emcee that spoke from the heart. An emcee that spoke about his troubled relationship with his father, the hard times with his wife, falling out between former friends. Any emotion you can depict, Tru Nyce could relate to. This bio is not to tell you the history of Tru Nyce because as with any story you can only write history when a moment has completed, and for this Richmond born emcee, he lives in the moment, and the moment is NOW. - Written By Keishawn Batts

Chrissss Da Alien

Christopher Hines known as Chrissss Da Alien started writing music around the age of 10 before he even know the possibilities available to him. Inspired by artists such as Michael Jackson, who was obviously his childhood favorite, he made it clear that music was a part of his DNA. Chris' father has always had a small studio set up even before he was born so he has always been a part of the creation process. Chris recorded his first song at the age of 13 in which he alone produced wrote and recorded it on his dad's home studio in their dining room. At the time his name was Little Big Chris. Being that he was always called little Chris but it became obvious he would grow bigger than big Chris, the name Little Big Chris developed. The more he became in touch with his musical talents and opening his mind to whatever was possible to create. He realized that it is possible that such greatness came from beyond the stars in which living beings there are called aliens by humans. And it may be possible that he is one of them. Hence forth he is known as Chrissss Da Alien. So why 4 S's you may wonder? The real question is, why not 4 S's? Today he is highly influenced by the word play and intriguing techniques of artist like Eminem, Lil Wayne, Tech N9ne, and Kendrick Lamar. The list is longer but not very long. He continuously strives to compete and accede the very artist he looks up to. Hoping to make the City of Richmond VA a bigger treble clef on the music map than it is. However, with all these artist arousing around him, what difference can one alien make on the species of mankind. The answer, to be continued...

Yella Tape

Wazzam This Yella Tape Slugga, But It's Yt Slugga For Short. I Been Flowin Since 9 But Didn't Understand My Gift Til I Was 11. I Developed A Unique Styled Flow I Spit It From Da Heart Str8 Facts Every Time. And The Delivery Of My Flow Is Slick, Fast, An Have Meanin' Behind It. Every Time My Pen Hit The I Get Betta With It I Love Perfecting My Craft. So Check Me An My Family Out To Hear Dope Versatile Music We Plan To Caputre Everybody Attention Show Y'all How This TFD Family Does This Hea Is 4L- Yt Slugga


FutureO is a RVA born and raised Hip-Hop artist who's always had a passion for music. He was given the nickname Future from all the time he constantly spent at studio sessions with his brother Tru Nyce spitting here and there, taking in the atomosphere, enjoying the music. Everyone around at the time agreed he would be the future in the game if taking his music serious, it was just something about Future. Taking the name and adding the O from his middle name to combine FutureO he ran with that and the fuel to get his story out. He landed his first official guest spot on Tru Nyce's 2008 "State Of Emergency" mixtape on a record called "You Ain't My Homie" and has been featured on serveral tapes since then including each of the 3 "Life... On Mars" Mixtapes plus many more and hasn't stopped since. Known for his Southern Flow, RAW, and Uncut lyrics FutureO is ready to give the people more! 

​​​​Fat B